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Okay. The main result of the chat last Wednesday was a fireworks event.

A) Who's in?
B) Should we keep it the one in the manga or make our own? We could always just tailor it to fit our needs anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Just thought I'd leave that open for discussion.

- mod.

Warning: I'm going to be in North Carolina from July 19th to July 26th. I have no idea if I'm going to bring my laptop or if I'll even be able to get a connection while I'm there. My friend kind of lives on the outskirts of nowhere, sooo . . . yeah. Hopefully we can get everything all situated before I leave so no one has to wait yet another week to get to the action. I would definitely hate me too.

And . . . Who wants to be the second co-mod? You'd have all the lovely powers of an actual mod and be able to act with them accordingly. You know you want to. Our newest mod is pinkhead.
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