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This is an RPG for the manga Nana by the very talented Yazawa Ai. Anyone who is interested in joining should read the rules and then fill out a form explaining why you wish to join and which character you wish to be. These forms can be found by clicking here, or going to the first post in the community.

The actual role-play can be found here - strawberry__rpg, and also by visiting the characters' personal journals.

-Character list-
Komatsu Nana (58468_0 / hachichan)
Oosaki Nana
Endo Shouji
Kawamura Sachiko
Saotome Junko (pinkhead / congenial_junko)
Takakura Kyosuke
Terashima Nobuo (sekai_kitai / dreamful_lover_)
Okazaki Shinichi (chiharu / stripped_globe)
Takagi Yasushi
Honjou Ren
Ichinose Takumi (sushiteapup /takumi_trapnest)
Serizawa Reira
Fujieda Naoki
Uehara Misato

Any characters from later volumes that have not been listed here are also acceptable.

- Rules -
Please read the rules before joining!
1. Treat all members of the community with respect and kindness. Rude behavior will not be tolerated.
2. In the subject line of your character application form, put "broken glass" so I know you have read through the rules.
3. Original characters are allowed as well as existing characters. As long as the sole purpose of your original character isn't to hook up with one of the existing characters, you should be accepted.
4. You can apply for as many characters as you can handle.
5. Have fun~~

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If you'd like to become affiliated with this RPG, please comment on any entry in the community.