nomore3xfives (nomore3xfives) wrote in strawberryglass,

A Message from Your Mod

Hello all. I just happen to be a very good friend of your mod naive_nostalgia. She has asked me to post this for you all!

Hey everybody, your mod here. I am sooo sorry about not posting before I left. My internet decided to delete the wireless network and it was not pretty, but I've got a few minutes now to post, so here I am. The fireworks festival will start whenever the you start the threads. I would do a few myself, but if we want to get this started before next Friday, that's not exactly possible. I'm going to leave the booths pretty much open to the imagination and if there are any booths you would like that haven't been started by a mod, feel free to create it. Then if you'd like to wander off behind a tree or leave the area, feel free to create that thread as well. I seriously have no time right now and I wish I could be more specific than this, but at the moment that's just not possible. Again, I am so sorry for not being more collected and making a post before I leave, and asking a friend to post this for me, but that's what it's come down to. I hope everything runs smoothly!

- naive_nostalgia.
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