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members cut

That's right. It seems to be time for another members cut, especially with all the rumors of the inactivity of this RPG. Anyone who does not respond to this post in seven days will be cut from the game. If I have to call for another mod to get things running smoothly, I'll gladly post the ad. Three's not always a crowd. I have some events floating around in my mind right now to get more people posting, but it seemed more sensible to take care of this first.

Hope to see you all in a week.

- Strawberry mod.

Waiting to hear from:
Komatsu Nana
Oosaki Nana
Saotome Junko
Terashima Nobuo
Okazaki Shinichi
Takagi Yasushi
Honjou Ren
Ichinose Takumi
Serizawa Reira

If anyone is in contact with any of these players, please let them know about the members cut. It's always possible the post was too far back on their friends' page for them to catch it.
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