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Broken Glass - Application for Saotome Junko

Contact Information

Name/Nickname: Åsa, but you can call me Jinx or Jinxie. :)
E-mail Address: bunny at kittycat dot org (spelled like you normally would, I just don't want spammers to get my adress)
Messenger service/screen name: AIM - 'asa ponderosa'
Past RPG Experience (if applicable): The Leaf Ninja RP. I played Haruno Sakura and Rin, as well as Hyuuga Hinata at one time.

Character Information

Name: Saotome Junko
Age: 20
Appearance: Permed [I think.] curly black hair, various piercings on each ear, seems to have a liking for skirts/dresses. I think she's taller than Hachi-ko; she has kinda a refined-artsy clothing style.
Original or Existing Character? Existing.
Background Information: Junko's been Nana's [Hachi-ko's] best friend since high school and has enrolled in a Tokyo art school. Now living with her boyfriend, Kyosuke, Junko has been attending the school for a little over a year. Her personality is a very honest one. She sees no point in beating around the bush around anything; her comments often are harsh and blunt. Still, especially with Hachi-ko, she means only the best.

Sample of writing for this character in 1st person:

"I'll leave even if Kyousuke doesn't go! I really want to study college-level art in Tokyo!" I growled, Nana's wailing and whining had pushed me over the edge. "It's my life. I wont let it be controlled by you!"

The last comment left the room eeriely silent for what seemed a short eternity. Even I, who had been so accustomed to speaking harshly to Nana, was taken aback by the venom. Nana was too shocked to wipe away the tears running down her face. I repressed the almost unbearable pang of guilt as best I could.

It was the truth, and I had to say it. Nana needed her own life, her own happiness. I needed mine. It was now or never.

Sample of writing for this character in 3rd person:
"Nana says she's coming to Tokyo right now."

"WHAT?!" Junko screeched out of surprise. Nana certainly wasn't one to waste any time when it came to love and boyfriends, but her urgency still shocked Junko. Maybe it was because Junko hadn't seen Nana in a year...yes, that was it. Her life had grown far more calm without Nana's squabling. Still, her heart was warmed at the thought of Nana's arrival.

"When is she coming in..?" Junko inquired.

Anything Else You'd Like to Add? I really couldn't think of what to write for the 3rd person thing, so I'm sorry that it's not the best. --;; I didn't get much sleep last night.

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