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Broken Glass - Takagi Yasushi

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this would be my first time RP-ing in this format though,
so please bear with me. i am a fast learner :]

Character Information
Name: Takagi Yasushi
Age: 23

Appearance: Tall, with a slender build. Most notable features being his bald head, and sunglasses that are only removed during rare occasions. His style of dress is more conservative than the other members of Blackstones: Yasu prefers sharp suits, ties, and collared shirts.

Original or Existing Character?: Existing

Background Information: Despite his intimidating appearance, Yasu is the kind hearted drummer of the band, Blackstones. Having known them since grade school, Yasu is also a close friend of the members of Trapnest. Studying to become a lawyer, he is educated and diplomatic. However, his studies have taken a back-burner to the band, and he has picked up and followed Nana Oosaki to Tokyo. Everyone's confidante, Yasu is the voice of reason, doing his best to look out for everyone's best interest.

Sample of writing for this character in 1st person:
Drinking has never been a problem for me, but even I have a throbbing headache after last night. Perhaps I should check the medicine cabinet for aspirin, later. Its my own fault- I should have know better than to think that Nana's idea of 'a few drinks', would really be such a thing. Now, when I think about it, Shin and I seem to be the only ones who can hold our liquor. Geez.. so young, and that kid already drinks like a veteran. I really should talk to him about that- this diet of alcohol and cigarettes he's picked up can't be good for his health. Not that I should be one to talk- I started around his age, myself.

Hmmm. Everyone was asleep when I left the apartment, but I think I'll call the girls and wake them up soon. They both mentioned having to work today. Nana should be ok, but something tells me Hachiko's the type to sleep right through the afternoon.

Sample of writing for this character in 3rd person:
Firmly grasping the handle, Yasu quietly let himself into the small, sound-proof, studio. He was a bit early, but as all his paperwork at the office was completed, he felt it a logical decision to use the extra time to his advantage. Besides, there was equipment to set up, and a desire to polish the drum solo he had been working on.

He had barely stepped into the room when he noticed the lone figure already seated behind his drumset. Although they had been beating a steady rhythm, they had stopped abruptly at his arrival, the notes hanging in mid-air.

Yasu couldn't have been more grateful that his glasses were dark. He was sure that his eyes had widened in surprise, and he didn't want her to know she had caught him off-guard. Instead he shook his head, trying and failing, to keep the slight exasperation out of his voice.

"Misato, what are you doing here?"

Anything Else You'd Like to Add?: Although he is my favorite character, I find that Yasu's thoughts aren't exposed very often. -__-; Throughout the story, there are always new revelations about him! However, I will try my best to keep him IC :]
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